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"so far so good. I am satisfied with WiseMarket, I have been trading for 2 months now. It's easy and fun. I have also learned a lot about trading from their trading education."


"Alhamdulillah dan thank you to WM team for the trade education, hoping byk lagi sharing about trade and all the technical analysis will be use to the best potential possible."


"One of the best things i gather from Wise Market, is they provide and educate his clients on how to do money management and account management. This is are the things that other broker should provide for their clients and potential client to be able to trade safe and grow their account."

DEV SANTHA: Malaysia

"Been involve in trading for quite number of years now, and tried few brokers along the years and i find which is something new from Wisemarket…is that their offline team akan call and offer for good trading advice and technic which is for safer to trade and they teach on how to manage our emotion while floating and counter the order for profit, i really hope this can be a very long SOP for Wisemarket and it is a good thing for every broker to have."


"All along saya selalu kuat depo, and somehow the wisemarket team byk bantu to be better in trade. good advice given and follow ups on i punya trading. hoping for more sharing and education in the future. "

WAH LAI CHUN : Malaysia

"perkara terbaik yang saya dapat dari Wisemarket, adalah mereka memberitahu dan mendidik kliennya tentang cara melakukan pengelolaan uang dan pengelolaan akun. juga mereka didik kami utk mengenal potensi2 entry."

Ardyan Ariwanto: Indonesia